Flock Ministry

Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for people to build strong biblical relationships with one another, thereby strengthening the
entire congregation of PGCC.

Prayer Support
Individual group members are prayed for and encourages to share their specific needs.

Care Support
Individual group member needs are met in practical ways when the need arises.
Meals, transportation, visitation, etc.

We encourage one another daily. Hebrews 3:13 Spiritual encouragement is provided through
flock leaders, elders and pastoral staff.

Involvement in small groups is fndamental for Christian fellowship.
The Flock Ministry promotes meaningful biblical relationships.

Members are encouraged to invite neighbors, reaching out to those who don't know Christ. 

Getting Involved
If you haven't joined in the Flock Ministries, wouldn't this be a good time to do so?
This ministry was created for you so that you might make new friends
and share in times of fellowship and service to the church and each other.

Contact the church office for more information.